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Our "Tools" help you make DECISIONS.

Decisions to move you FORWARD.

Landmax Realty is about shareing KNOWLEDGE.

About Landmax Real Estate Services in Canada
"And now for something completely different!"Monty Python

Landmax Inc. offers a new business model for helping Canadians buy and sell Real Estate, evolved from the traditional "Realtor" model, using innovative technology. The efficient and timely sharing of knowledge is the cornerstone of Landmax Inc.

  1. Gather data. (raw, boring information, the stuff computers are good at)
  2. Transform data into useful knowledge. (a job for computers and smart people)
  3. Share knowledge! (no hoarding here)
  4. Facilitate transactions between Buyer and Sellers. (a good job for trained professional people, and how we get paid)
  5. Variable compensation based on performance. ( fee, plus scaled commission based on performance)
  6. NO independent franchise, independent contractor, 100% commission, salespeople. (ALL Landmax Staff can help you)
"Our Product is Knowledge!" Landmax Inc.

Knowledge is information (data) made useful to you! Our job is to search, gather, store, filter, sort, track, document, distribute and display that information. Then transform it to your knowledge, so you can make decisions and get results. Landmax* facilitates this.

"Google’s mission is to organize the world‘s information and make it universally accessible and useful."

Landmax Inc. is built upon and could not exist without Google (and Microsoft) technologies. We could not have existed two years ago. Our pace of innovation dwarfs everything that came before. There is no looking back. This web site is already out of date. Contact our staff for current, leading edge assistance!

"Information is not knowledge." Albert Einstein Quote

If you want the best deal possible, you need the best knowledge possible. Landmax* is "Maximum Knowledge", with no pressure!

"Price based on Performance"

Landmax is a more efficient MLS® Brokerage System than our competitors. But, who cares! Oh, your wallet cares. (and your spouse)

  1. $1000 up-front set up fee. (quality costs, we don't work for free) AND IF,
  2. YOU find the Buyer/Seller - 1% commission OR IF,
  3. WE find the Buyer/Seller - 2% commission OR IF,
  4. Other companies REALTOR® finds the Buyer/Seller - 4% commission. (2% to Landmax, 2% to cooperating Brokerage)

"Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us, and the world will be as one." John Lennon Quote
  • Landmax offers an exciting alternative to the traditional Real Estate Career. You actually get to help people and have a life. Customers are not relegated to one Realtor®. All staff can assist all customers.
  • As staff, you will NOT be an independent contractor working on 100% commission sales. You will have set hours and responsibilities, working on salary plus bonus. Company shares will be available to staff.
  • It would be very helpful if you enjoy technology and modern forms of communication.
  • Existing Brokerages, anywhere in Canada, can contact us about joining Landmax*.
"I thought I wanted a career, turns out I just wanted paychecks."unknown author
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About Landmax Real Estate Services in Canada

Your Property Deserves More...

Landmax Realty offers FULL MLS® Services!

Presentations, Seller CMAs, Buyer Shopping Tools

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What do I get with Landmax?

Customers have compared Landmax to "Speed Dating" for Real Estate. You get the most important information within seconds , then you can drill down if the initial criteria are satisfactory.

  1. Maximum content and exposure, with link to custom web presentation.
  2. Landmax exclusive, full screen (HD), Google optimized web page online within 24 hours.
    • Up to FOUR custom views:
    • Google Map with "Polygon" outline of your land
    • Google Street View (if applicable)
    • Google Earth 3D with parcel outline (if applicable)
    • Microsoft Birds-Eye View
  3. Video "Screen-Cast" tour of your property
  4. PDF's of all pertinent Documentation (Zoning, Bylaws, Utilities, etc.
  5. Real Estate Sign with MLS® Number for Further Information

Uber Weather Distribution Portal

Sample Listings

These listings demonstrate the power of the Landmax "Land First / Maximum Knowledge" System of presenting Real Estate. Most are samples and not actual properties for sale. The purpose of these samples is not to sell you the property, but to demonstrate the features of our "Listing System".

  1. BC - NEW! - 3D Model - Wasa Lake Public Presentation
  2. BC - NEW! - 3D Model - Kimberley Office with Floor Plan Public Presentation
  3. BC - NEW! - 3D Model with interior views - Ski Hill Home Public Presentation
  4. BC - Rural Acreage with Subdividing Potential Public Presentation
  5. BC - Urban with huge "Lot Value" Public Presentation
  6. BC - Ski Hill Lot with comparable's (Actual Landmax Listing) Public Presentation
  7. BC - Ski Hill Lot Listing vs Demo Public Presentation
  8. AB - Urban Unique Location with Downtown View Public Presentation
  9. AB - Commercial Condo with Strata Numbering Public Presentation
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